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Greetings of the day!!

Thank you for showing your valuable interest towards our organization. Please accept our wholehearted     Congratulations and best wishes for the future business endeavor in the hospitality field.

Our Organization has been serving the hospitality industry for the last 15 years. We have been giving special emphasis in understanding the expectations of our buyers and giving the best of our efforts in complying with those expectations.

We have been able to complete one project every month from 2008-2009. In these projects the entire range of products are provided under one roof through our organization.

The trend of buying under one roof for the hospitality industry is already available in the international field and we are now the only organization in India which is now specialized and equipped   to provide these services.

We advice your good office to procure large number of products from our specialized organization in order to avoid the following inconvenience which generally happens in case the purchasing are done from the various suppliers :

1. It saves lot of time and coordination required to manage more than 30 suppliers for new project to ensure delivery and quality on time.

2. These suppliers having understanding of 2 to 3 products cannot guide about the latest development even of the said products as they are always busy repeatedly selling the same standards. It is generally seen that these vendors are rigid in customizing.
3. The vendor gives less support to outstations buyers because the value of the total order does not turn out to be much.
 Our organization with a proven track record provides various benefits which are as below:

1 We provide various varieties of products. For example: if you like to buy soap then we can offer 10 different varieties of soap which is being used worldwide in the hospitality industry. We were the first one to introduce transparent soaps and now our organization is into different level of soaps in the same price. For example pure oil soap embodied with lofa In a nut shell you can have solution of various products under one roof. Further, we are representing for mattress/beddings World no 4 organization from whom we are able to provide the world best mattress almost comparable to the cost of any other mattress of the company. These are some of   benefits which can be availed through us.

2. Our prices are most competitive as we are manufacturing most of the products in Acrylic, Fabric, Plastic& paper. Therefore our prices are most competitive and much less than the other supplier..

3. We provide a coordinator from our organization to keep you updated about the order..

4. Our organization keeps the samples of all luxury hotels of the world including four seasons; Intercontinental of Far East and Europe We can offer the solutions/develop the products of these best hotels for the smaller size hotels.

5 Our organization can comfortably guide you with the requirement of the quantity of each product in order to save the unnecessary cost & time of the consultant so that the focus is on the most important areas of marketing and getting the right placement of staff.

6. We have association with various reputed consultants to provide any technical guidance. In most occasions we provide such guidance free of charge from our end.

We hope the above information should turn out to be suitable and your good self shall place trust which is most important to give us an opportunity to provide you with the various products. We would be grateful to meet /visit your place.

 Looking forward for your response and most welcome for any clarification required at your end.

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